Curriculum Committee Discusses Referendum

Last Evening the Laurens District 55 Facilities Projects Advisory Committee’s Curriculum Subcommittee met at the district office to discuss the current needs of middle school students and what could enhance the curriculum, should the $109 Million referendum be improved.

The subcommittee members had researched other districts of comparable and much larger student enrollments to see what their curriculum contained and what programs they had to enrich their student’s education, and to meet various needs.

Some of the areas researched were special need students and severe special need students and how federal regulations determined what the districts can and can’t do.

Other areas discussed included technology centers, culinary arts, graphics, alternative education and career centers.

A student representative from Laurens District 55 High School  shared his experience with overcrowding, especially in regard to the school’s orchestra.

The subject of historical buildings also was mentioned in regard to the Gray Court Owings School, noting it may not be able to be torn down, because of its historical status.

School-to-work programs along with paid and unpaid internships with local businesses were highly favored by the subcommittee.

It was mentioned by Tara Dean that the district now provides student transportation to the Center for Advanced Manufacturing, and that ZF transmissions, is also working with District 55 students.

The future of the referendum and the economic level of the district were discussed, pointing out that since the entire district student body is receiving free lunch, this could be a factor in the approval of the referendum.