Sub-Committee to Look at Middle School Matters

A sub-committee meeting is set for 6:00 this evening in the School District 55 Training Room to look at what could be the best way of organizing the District’s middle school programs. This sub-committee of the District 55 Facilities Projects Advisory Committee is to meet in the Training Room of the District 55 Offices on Hillcrest Drive.

The group, chaired by Peter Lindley is to consider issues from space and class size to teachers and security, along with discussion about both Montessori and Traditional teaching. They are also being asked to identify equitable differences between the four middle schools now used in District 55 and to suggest ways to resolve inequities between them. They’re also to hear from Dr. Stephen Peters and Dr. George Ward to hear what other districts are doing in middle schools, considering how District 55 may be better structured for middle school students.

If a $109 million school bond referendum, scheduled for early September, is approved, the plan is to build a new Laurens High, then retrofit the current LDHS building to be a comprehensive middle school.