Laurens Extends Garbage Contract

Laurens City Council this week agreed to extend the contract they have for household garbage collection around town. Jesse Schwiers of Waste Industries addressed City Council with the request to extend the end date of the contract another five years. The first five-year contract the city had with the company for garbage pickup was to expire next year, on February 28th. City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to extend the contract another five years, until February 28th, 2023.

In exchange for renewing the contract now, Waste Industries said that they will not reclaim an increase they missed last year. According to the contract, the prices can go up each year by the Consumer Price Index on table 2, for water, sewer and trash collections services. They had not put the previous year’s CPI increase into effect for the current year, and with the contract extension, they are not to reclaim that rate. So the rate for the coming 2017-2018 rate goes up by 3.7%, which was the CPI for that category for 2016.

The monthly cost began at $6.96 in 2013. The new rate will see that price go to $7.45.