Pepper Spray Attack Alleged

Thursday morning at 11:14, Clinton Department of Public Safety received a walk-in from an adult woman, who reported that she had been attacked that same day. The woman stated that she had been driving when another woman flagged her down at Elizabeth and West Pitts Streets in Clinton and began yelling at her, exclaiming, “Your man right here, come and get him.” When the victim responded that she did not want him, the angry woman reportedly began spraying pepper spray at her. She rolled up her window to keep from getting sprayed.

While an police officer was gathering information from the victim, the suspect who had attacked the woman showed up. The officer, advising the victim that she could leave, engaged in conversation with the suspect. According to her, the victim had drove up to her car so that they were window-to-window and began yelling and spouting profanity at her. She then stated that the victim got out of her car, continued to yell, and aggressively shook her fist as if she were going to throw a punch. According to the statement, the victim got back into her car and then back out again, and that is when the suspect reportedly began spraying pepper spray at her.

The officer determining that the suspect’s statement of the case was false due to the fact that there was pepper spray on the driver’s side front window, indicating that that the victim was still in her car rolling the window up as the other woman was spraying at her.

Both woman completed a written statement of the incident, and the officer filled out a victim’s form for the victim, who stated that she did want to press charges.