“Branding” for Laurens County Development

A new “brand” for Laurens County is in the works. Laurens County has contracted with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) for a team to develop a branding package for the county. This branding project was approved by Laurens County Council in December of 2016. The SCNHC team has met with local leaders and county government officials and has toured the county.

The end result of the project will include a new logo, but according to SCNHC President and CEO Michelle McCollum, the whole package includes recommendations for how to implement the brand and will ultimately assist in attracting tourism and spur economic development in Laurens County. She said “A logo without a plan is just a pretty design. Laurens County has so many unique assets, from the rivers to beautiful rural landscapes, small town charm, and history. A successful brand and plan moving forward will communicate why Laurens County is so special to future tourists, residents, and potential businesses from welcome signs off the interstate to social media.”

“Laurens County is on the verge of rapid growth.” said County Administrator Jon Caime. He added “This branding initiative is one part of a strategic effort to plan ahead for that growth. The goal of this initiative is to help the Laurens County community decide on a united identity that can both bring the various individual communities together under one Laurens County identity as well as guide us to the future we desire. To do this in an authentic way, it is important that that those interested in the future of Laurens County voice their opinion on what our identity or brand should be.”

The new brand will be created with the help of community input via online survey. This can be accessed at the official website: http://laurenscounty.us/poll/