Grass Cutting Problem in the City of Laurens Addressed

A persistent problem of keeping grass cut was a primary point of discussion for this week’s Laurens City Council meeting. Concern was expressed by Mayor John Stankus, who commented “This is the time of year that we have headaches over grass cutting.”

Building and Zoning Director Clay Rykard told council that his biggest problem is dealing with people who own property in Laurens but who live elsewhere. Rykard said “We are sending out letters to those property owners who live outside the city but who do not arrange for the proper care of their property, and who let the grass and weeds grow to an unacceptable level.” Rykard said “If they do not respond by having their grass cut, we will do it for them and put a lien on their property for the cost of mowing.”

Both the mayor and council members mentioned that they have been receiving numerous phone calls from people complaining about unsightly yards near their residence.