Stories of Sodomy and Killing

There were intense developments today in Laurens County General Sessions Court as the state continued presenting its case against Fabian LaMichael-Rashad Green of Laurens. Green is being tried for murder and the desecration of human remains of 17-year old Edwin Diaz-Chirinos of Laurens in May of 2016.

The day began with testimony from a Mr. Williams, who lived near the scene where the burned body of the victim had been found. Chirinos’ remains were in a burn pile near the 2000 Mustang he was reportedly driven from the alleged murder scene in Laurens and dumped on property at the dead-end of Taylor Drive, west of Clinton. .

Williams stated that defendants Green and Holman came to his property wearing hoods and carrying a bucket, asking him if he had any lighter fluid. He said when he said no, Green then asked if they had any alcohol, and he told them he didn’t have any. Williams then said that the two left and then dumped the contents of the bucket into the neighbor’s garbage can.

Williams said he was curious as to what they dumped into the can, so when they were gone he reached into the garbage can and he pulled out a billfold, which was slimy so he put it back.

A DNA expert from SLED, also called to the witness stand, and said testing indicated there was a connection of the victim’s DNA at the alleged murder scene in the house at 108 Queen Circle in Laurens and to the Mustang the victim had driven to the Queen Circle residence.

Before the lunch break, a prosecution witness who worked at the Laurens County Detention Center testified that he confiscated a three page note that Defendant Green tried to pass to another inmate. Passing messages, he said, is against jail rules. The employee turned the note over to his supervisors, and it was presented as evidence in the case against Green.

Before the details of the letter were made available in court, the prosecution called a handwriting analysis expert from SLED, who positively identified the writing on the letter as Green’s.

After the victim’s family declined the opportunity to leave the courtroom because of the nature of the letter, the prosecution read it verbatim. The letter contained extremely graphic language and told of the victim being tied up, sodomized, and then killed.

Although advised by his defense not to, Fabian Green did eventually take the stand, after first saying he would decline to testify.

Green coolly and categorically denied all charges, and claimed that he was being harassed by other inmates at the detention center, so he made up the events of the letter. Green said “Everything in that letter was completely false, I thought people would leave me alone if they thought I was crazy.”

Green also told the court that he enjoys reading “Urban Fiction,” saying he based the sodomy part of the letter on a scene in a movie, “I Spit on Your Grave.”

During cross-examination, Green was asked if he reported the bullying to jail authorities. He said he did report it to one employee, but he did not pursue the complaint any further. Green also mentioned that the harassment stopped after the letter. A point was made that no one incarcerated in the detention center ever saw the letter.

The defense should wrap up the case against Green Friday. Following closing arguments from the State and the Defense, the case will go to the Jury for their decision.