Senator Graham Speaks in Laurens

Senator Graham

South Carolina’s Senior Senator met with several Laurens County residents at Laurens City Hall yesterday afternoon. Lindsey Graham reviewed current domestic and international topics.

Regarding the escalating language between the United States and North Korea, Graham said he supported President Trump’s new posture, noting tactics of past presidents have not prevented North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles. The senator suggested we urge Chinese leadership to make the North Korean regime realize they must change or face a destructive war, as the United States cannot allow the threats of nuclear assault on our country to continue. He said he doesn’t want regime change; he just wants North Korea to not be a threat to his country.

Senator Graham was not supportive of President Trump’s position on free trade. Graham talked of how scrapping participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership is hurting our ability to export to Asia, noting a big hit to U.S. agricultural exports, for instance. Graham also noted that the United States needed the T.P.P. to counter-balance China’s influence, and he noted that with us pulling out of the partnership, Europe has stepped in to take our place.

On the subject of health care, Senator Graham noted that while some Republican appear to have given up on repeal and replacement of Obamacare, he still intends to work on delivery on his promise on that. He said the situation now will have 30% increases in health care insurance here in South Carolina next year. Graham said he’s working to gain bipartisan support for a plan to change the present system to one of block grants to states. He said if the federal money for this issue were to be converted to block grants, given to states based on their population, South Carolina would receive a substantial increase in funding. He said four states now receive a large percentage of the federal health care subsidy.