ZF & Piedmont Tech Announce the Latest Apprenticeship Program Students

Thursday night at the Piedmont Tech Center for Advanced Manufacturing Piedmont Tech instructors and staff, ZF representatives, students and their families were all in attendance to present the latest class of apprentices in the ZF Apprenticeship Program.

Robbie Ellis, Apprenticeship Program Director for ZF began by explaining the recruiting process of the program and recognition of the 9 new apprentices that were accepted into the program out of 90 applicants.

Landon Adams, Elvis Fitz, Austin Francis , Bryson Vaughn, Bryson Patterson, and Jose Hernandez, all of Clinton High School; Antwan Clark, Jertavious Miller, and Mathew Sullivan, all of Laurens High School then signed letters of intent for their scholarships.

After an opportunity for pictures with family members each student received their ZF hat and back pack. It was very much like college signing day for athletes.

Michael Morris, Director of Human Resources for ZF addressed the students by telling them to look in their empty bags. He then told them that over 20 years of work at ZF they could put 8000 one hundred dollar bills in those bags.

These nine apprentices will begin New Hiring Orientation at ZF this coming Monday and begin classes at the CAM the following Monday.