Gotta Have More Moon Pies!

Laurens County School District 55 Student Nutrition Services Director Wanda Knight wanted to do something special for the kids of District 55 during the eclipse this Monday. In consultation with other district personnel, they decided to give each District 55 student a Moon Pie to go along with their solar eclipse glasses. Knight contacted the district’s major food supplier, Sysco, to put in an order for the required number of Moon Pies. Sysco was happy to provide all the Moon Pies they had, but indicated that there was a current shortage of the treats and they could not supply the quantity needed by the district. Knight said that members of her staff, Ashton Miller and Ashton McNuer, took up the challenge and went on a mission to corner the market on Moon Pies in Laurens. They went store to store and were able to secure an additional 900 Moon Pies! Despite this success, District 55 was still significantly short of the number required for the entire student population.

Ms. Knight decided it was time to go direct to the source. She contacted Moon Pie General Store, Inc., the suppliers of the iconic treats. She ordered 13 more cases directly from Moon Pie with the expectation that they would arrive on Thursday or Friday before the event. Well, this past Thursday evening, Knight received a call from Moon Pie’s President, Alex Brener, telling her that there had been a shipping delay and the Moon Pies would not be arriving until Saturday before the event. This created a dilemma because the district office and schools are closed today (Saturday,) and a Monday delivery would have been too late for distribution before the eclipse. Knight did not hesitate; she gave Brener her home address and said, “Deliver those 2,000 Moon Pies to my house! I’ll make sure we get them to the schools on time.”

So, a very important delivery is to arrive today at Ms. Knight’s residence. And this Monday, the District 55 Student Nutrition Services van and staff will be on the road in Laurens, Waterloo, Hickory Tavern, and Gray Court as they make their special rounds, delivering Moon Pies in time for the Moon’s eclipse of the Sun. Wanda Knight’s noted “it has been an ‘Out of this World’ Moon Pie experience.”

District 55 Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Peters, said, “This is a great example of the level of commitment our staff has for our kids. In addition to what our students learn with an event like this, the staff of Student Nutrition Services and Moon Pie have made sure it will be a memorable event for all our children.”

The sudden popularity of Moon Pies – tied in to this Monday’s eclipse – happened to be happening on the 100 anniversary year of the treat. Moon Pies were initially introduced in 1917.