Irma Hits the Upstate!

Irma lost her ranking as a hurricane as she came up into Georgia last evening, but she didn’t lose her potential to create problems.

In South Carolina, the winds from the storm helped drive coastal water levels in Charleston to near record highs.

Here in our area, we had some trees and many limbs and other debris coming down on the roadways into last night.

Power outages occurred in areas all over the county late yesterday. In the City of Laurens things got much worse after 5:00 pm. Power was out over wide areas of Laurens, including many traffic lights. At one point last night, traffic was blocked on Hillcrest Drive and two points on Church Street as CPW employees worked to repair a major power line at that intersection. Spring Street was carrying heavy traffic as a by-pass.

School Districts 55 and 56 were closed today. District administrations were concerned about driving conditions this morning, due to a lot of debris on the roadways, from trees to limbs to just heavy leaf covering at other places.

District 55 Superintendent Peters also expressed concern about power outages at some schools in the district.

Piedmont Technical College announced classes were starting at 10:00 this morning at all P.T.C. locations.