Mobile Meth Lab in Pickup at Wal-Mart

Laurens City Police yesterday afternoon arrested a suspect wanted for an alleged mobile meth lab found in the Wal-Mart parking lot in early August.

48-year-old Michael Neal Hays of 982 Hays Road, Gray Court was charged with Manufacture of Methamphetamine 2nd Offense, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Narcotic, Possession of Less than a Gram of Meth and Trespassing.

Sgt. Thibodeau states that an investigation from Officer Napier indicates that on August 4th the defendant, along with two co-defendants, committed the crime of manufacturing methamphetamine by having in their possession an active one-pot methamphetamine lab. This was reportedly located in a 1997 Ford F-150 pickup at 922 East Main Street.

Mr. Hays was also allegedly in possession of two orange-tipped needles commonly used to consume illegal narcotics, along with a box of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride – 20 counts– commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine. He and his co-defendants also allegedly had 9 blue pills identified as a Schedule II Narcotic.

The investigation of Officer Napier also reportedly indicated that the defendant and his two accomplices had three hypodermic needles that contained 87 dosage units of liquid that field tested positive for meth, at 922 East Main. Mr. Hays was also reportedly placed on Trespass Notice on August 23rd of 2014, ordered to stay off Wal-Mart property.

Michael Neal Hays remained in the Laurens County Detention Center overnight, awaiting a bond hearing on his five charges.

Two female suspects were the co-defendants in the operation of the alleged one-pot mobile meth lab at Wal-Mart early last month.