Good Money Selling Drugs – No Need to Steal

On the second day of a Grand Theft Robbery case in Laurens County General Sessions Court yesterday, the prosecution and defense finished their calling of witnesses. The defense called defendant Arthur Williams to the stand, and friends of his.

Mr. Williams stated he did not break into the home of the victim at Ray’s Hollow Trailer Park, and apologize to them that it happened. He said he made a daily habit of hanging out at his friends, and when asked what he did in the way of work to earn money, he admitted to being a drug dealer. He said “I made good money selling drugs. I had no reason to break into anyone’s house.”

William’s answer to how he was in possession of two necklaces that belonged to the victim of the burglary was that he received a call from someone telling him that he had some gold jewelry for sale and that he should meet him to arrange the transaction. Williams said he met two males who wanted to sell him the stolen jewelry, and while there near another trailer he observed that they were also in possession of the two stolen televisions. Williams said when they saw flashlights coming through the woods, they knew it was the police and all fled the scene. He said that he ran because he knew they had warrants out on him, but he never suspected that he was wanted for breaking into the home.

There was some questioning regarding how the jacket Williams was wearing that had the jewelry in the pocket was handled at the police station, with the defense suggesting that someone could have planted the jewelry.

That suggestion was brought to an end when Williams admitted to having possession of the stolen jewelry, but still claimed that he just bought it, and did not steal it himself.

The trail was to resume this morning at 10:00 with final remarks from prosecution and defense, then the case is expected to be in the hands of the jury.