Happy 100th Birthday!

It is not often that a municipal government takes official action to wish a resident a happy birthday. But then, it’s not often that someone turns 100 years old either. At this week’s Clinton City Council meeting, Mayor Bob McLean read a resolution with the city’s “congratulations, thanks and appreciation to Ms. Sweetie Bell Fuller” in celebration of her 100th birthday.

Ms. Fuller was to be in attendance but was unable to attend. Mayor McLean reported that her birthday was actually the day before, Sunday the 17th and that dozens of family members as well as her church family had joined in a celebration and that Ms. Sweetie Bell had probably been just a bit worn out.

The resolution briefly outlined Ms. Fuller’s life. Born on September 17, 1917 Ms. Fuller was baptized at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Cross Hill where she eventually became president of the usher board. She was married to the late E.C. Grant and then to the late James Fuller.

While her husband was away in the Army Ms. Fuller busied herself with caring for her siblings and raised two nephews in her home as her own. She lived in Laurens County her entire life and in the city of Clinton for the past ten years.

The resolution praised Ms. Fuller’s “many acts of kindness, both large and small that helped make a difference in the lives of many people.”  Ms. Sweetie Bell said her secret was that she tried to treat everybody right.