Jury Deliberations Suspended Overnight

The Robbery case of 27-year-old Arthur Lee Williams III went to the jury yesterday afternoon, but remained undecided at the end of the day. Yesterday’s proceedings began at 10:30 A.M. Closing arguments were initially planned to be completed by lunch, but an unexpected delay was caused when some information was brought to the attention of the court regarding one of the jurors.

The information, presented by the prosecution, was that one of the jurors was the sister of a man convicted by the same prosecutors for a narcotics charge a few years ago, and after his trial she reportedly made a Facebook post that she did not trust the legal system in this county, that they were full of “BS,” and that her brother was “railroaded.” It was also discovered that she was Facebook friends with one of the witnesses and the defendant himself.

After Judy Addy personally interviewed the juror, he was satisfied that she would still be objective, so he left her on the jury instead of replacing her with an alternate.

After lunch, the closing arguments were completed and the judge gave his instructions, and the jury went into deliberations around three.

The jury was dismissed later in the afternoon due to childcare issues and was to resume deliberations at 10:00 this morning.