Parent Honored for Volunteer Work

The ‘Spirit of 56’ made another appearance at this week’s September meeting of the Laurens County School District 56 Board of Trustees.

The Spirit of 56 Award is presented to individuals who have gone above and beyond in the furtherance of education for students in District 56. One might expect that award recipients would be employees of the district, but not this time.

Melodie Edwards, Principal at Clinton Elementary School told the trustees Monday evening of a parent who provides assistance constantly. She said that she has never asked him for anything for her students that he did not find a way to provide. Edwards specifically mentioned his assistance with the students during the recent total solar eclipse, saying his presence, patient instruction and assistance greatly enriched the experience for students at Clinton Elementary. Principal Melodie Edwards then presented the ‘Spirit of 56 Award’ to Mr. Tim Howard. Joining her with thanks for his service to District 56 students were Superintendent Dr. David O’Shields and the members of the District 56 school board.