Praises for Response to Tornado Strike

Responses to the tornado that struck Laurens County Sunday evening was the subject of praise at last night’s Laurens County Council meeting. Council was informed that only minor injuries were reported to people from the storm. Praises included thanks for the actions of Laurens County First Responders. Emergency Communications Director Joey Avery noted “This seems like my regular routine, briefing council on our response to serious storms.” Also speaking out in praise of staff response to the Sunday tornado were directors of EMS, Fire and Laurens County Public Works, expressing gratitude for the teamwork of county employees during the storm. Joey Avery also thanked Sheriff Don Reynolds and the Laurens Sheriff Office for their response.

Avery reported on damage to 17 homes, ranging from minor to some that were destroyed by the storm. He expressed concern that some of the victims who were renting their residence did not have renter’s insurance. The 911 Director also said that the Red Cross responded and arranged for those who had nowhere else to go to obtain hotel rooms.