Kidnap & Assault of Girlfriend & Witness to Assault

A Clinton man was arrested for allegedly assaulting two women and Kidnapping one of them yesterday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged 36-year-old Derrick O’Neal Vance of 308 Evans Drive, Clinton with Kidnapping, Domestic Violence 2nd Degree and Assault and Battery 2nd Degree.

Warrants citing an investigation of Deputy Hilderbrandt state that on November 12th in Laurens County Mr. Vance committed 2nd Degree Domestic Violence in that he chocked, dragged and punched the victim several times, causing severe lacerations and that he prevented her from leaving the residence for a period of time. He allegedly seized, kidnapped or abducted her from a Clinton area location without authority of law during a domestic violence incident. Vance is also accused of committing battery on another female yesterday by punching her in the face and pulling pieces of hair from her head. This reportedly occurred during a domestic violence incident where this victim was a witness to the alleged assault on his girlfriend.

Derrick O’Neal Vance was being held overnight, awaiting a bond hearing today.