Arrests Allege Meth Manufacture, Burglary

Three men have been charged with Meth Manufacture Tuesday of this week and two of them are also charged with a Burglary on Monday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested the three men Tuesday. Warrants were served yesterday.

Charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unlawful Disposal of Meth Waste were 27-year-old Christopher Kevin Boggs of 6307 Highway 14, Gray Court along with 31-year-old William Alexander Kellett and 30-year-old Joshua Allen Knight, both of 123 My Way Drive, Gray Court.

Warrants charging all three with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unlawful Disposal of Meth Waste cite an investigation of Sheriff’s Captain Wilkie as saying that on December 5th they were in possession of items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. They are also accused of unlawfully disposing of methamphetamine waste without authority to do so at 107 Kingston Drive.

In addition to the drug charges, Christopher Kevin Boggs and Joshua Allen Knight were also charged with Burglary 2nd Degree. Warrants citing an investigation by Captain Wilkie allege that on December 4th Boggs and Knight entered a dwelling on Cinnamon Lane without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein.

Christopher Kevin Boggs, William Alexander Kellett and Joshua Allen Knight remained in custody overnight, awaiting bond hearings on their charges.