Property Annexed into Clinton

At Monday evening’s meeting of Clinton City Council, a set of ordinances proposed by Assistant City Manager Jerre Threatt were presented to council.  They dealt with the annexation and zoning of property along SC Highway 72 near Interstate 26 Exit 54.

The first set of ordinances concern 0.82 acres of property adjacent to the existing CITGO station at that exit.  An ordinance to annex the property into the corporate city limits of Clinton and another to zone the property as C-3, General Commercial District.  According to Mr. Threatt, the property will be the home of a new Arby’s restaurant to be constructed there soon.

The second set of ordinances concern 29.59 acres owned by Laurens County School District 56.  The land is a part of the Clinton High School campus.  The main entrance road leading into the campus, portions of two parking areas and the newly constructed baseball and softball complex lie on this property which was not in the Clinton city limits even though the rest of the Clinton High campus was.  The ordinance proposed a zoning classification of R-1, Low Density Residential, to match the rest of the campus.

The ordinances for the new Arby’s and Clinton High School were both approved by unanimous vote.