Laurens County Deaths Up in 2017

The number of people who died in Laurens County last year was significantly up from the previous year. In his annual report yesterday, Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols said that the number of deaths for 2017 was 582. That’s 99 more than the 483 deaths in 2016.

89 of the additional deaths were people who died of natural cases. Those deaths went from 426 in 2016 to 515 in 2017.  The next biggest increase was in suicides in 2017. The Coroner’s report shows 13 suicides last year, up from 5 in 2016. Another big increase came in traffic fatalities. In 2017, Nichol’s report shows 29 fatalities for motor vehicle accidents. The previous year we had 22 killed on highways. This included 19 motor vehicle occupants and 3 pedestrians who were killed in traffic. Laurens County had 2 more vehicle deaths, off highway. The 2017 report states that 2 died on ATVs.

The annual coroner’s report shows a big increase in infant deaths for 2017, from 3 the previous year, we had 6 infant deaths in the year just ended.

Laurens County had a decrease in murders this past year. 6 people died of Homicide in 2016, but in 2017, we had 4 homicides. We also had a decrease in drownings in Laurens County last year. After 3 people drowned in 2016, we had 2 drownings in 2017. Other improvements over the last two years included Overdoses, which dropped from 10 to 8. However, there was 1 “alcohol” death reported in 2017. The number of deaths ruled as “accidental” dropped in 2017. From 3 the previous year, including falls, we had 2 this past year. Another improved statistic for 2017 was death by exposure. There was 1 death ruled due to hyperthermia in 2016, and 0 in 2017.

There were also 3 deaths still pending at the end of 2016 and 1 ruled as “undetermined cause.” We had none noted as undetermined as of December 31st, 2017.