Preparations for New “Spec” Building in Hunter Park

Work is continuing in preparing for construction of a new “Spec Building” in the Hunter Industrial Park. The Laurens Commission of Public Works (CPW) is working with the Laurens County Development Corporation (LCDC) to construct a 75,000 square-foot shell building in Hunter Park. The Commissioners voted in November, authorizing General Manager John Young to negotiate a memorandum of understanding with the LCDC for construction of the new building. Industry looking to expand often is on a fast time-line where they want to have a building already constructed and ready for them to start moving their manufacturing equipment into place.

The plan for this latest spec building for Hunter Industrial Park is for the CPW to transfer an 18-acre tract of land in the park to the LCDC, opening the way for the LCDC to secure a loan from Santee Cooper for up to $3,250,000. The money will be used to build the new $75,000 square foot spec building. The LCDC is to manage, supervise and oversee the engineering, design and construction of the speculative building with the oversight and input of the CPW, while the CPW agrees to maintain the project site following completion of construction.

At the January meeting of the Laurens CPW this week, General Manager John Young advised the commissioners, “We have been working on the details of the Santee/LCDC spec building arrangement, and the LCDC attorney says they should close on the project in the next week or so.”

In the meantime, the Clinton Economic Development Corporation is also in the process of constructing a new 60,000 square-foot spec building in the new industrial park along Highway 72, just east of Interstate 26. The first spec building in that park was snapped up by GE before it was even complete. GE is to use the Clinton facility for their new Research and Development center for Renewable Energy.