New Truck for Clinton’s Water Division

Clinton City Utilities’ Water Division will soon be getting a new service truck. Clinton City Council this week approved City Manager Bill Ed Cannon’s request for authorization to purchase the new truck. The truck currently in use was purchased in 2004 and 162,519 miles on the odometer.  While the truck is still in fair condition, council was advised that maintenance costs are expected to be increasing soon. Also, the replacement truck includes a service body comparable with the current truck but also will include an on-board air compressor and a lift gate.  This equipment will increase the effectiveness of the truck.

Two bids were received. The lower bid was from Cooper Motor Company for a new Dodge Ram 4500 at a price of $71,648.00.  That price does include the air compressor and lift gate.

City Council’s unanimous vote to approve the purchase came following discussion. $32,500 of the purchase price is to come from the current year’s Water Distribution Capital Budget, with the remainder coming initially from this year’s Capital Equipment Replacement Fund.  During the next fiscal year, the Water Distribution Budget will repay the Capital Equipment Fund so that the entire purchase price will eventually be paid by the Water Division.