Multiple Charges from Truck Theft, Police Chase

Laurens City Police have served four charges in connection with the theft of a Laurens CPW truck from the utility’s Waste Treatment facility Thursday morning. 34-year-old Ricky Dale Summerall Jr. of 2-D, 400 Douglas Street, Laurens was issued tickets charging Driving under the Influence and Driving under Suspension of his license at 9:40 Thursday morning on Ora Road. After Friday’s release from hospital, where he had been treated for injuries when the stolen truck crashed on Ora Road, Summerall was served with warrants charging Grand Larceny and Failure to Stop for a Blue Light.

Warrants citing the investigation of Officer Van Pelt state that on February 8th Ricky Dale Summerall Jr. took a vehicle, valued at $4,500, from 300 Commission Drive. A second warrant states that when Captain Scott Satterfield of Laurens Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop, Summerall accelerated the vehicle, driving erratically and on at least one occasion attempted to strike the pursuing officers in a head-on matter. This reportedly occurred near Lighthouse Christian Academy on US 221, and ended on Ora Road.

Cash or surety bonds were set including $80,000 on the Grand Larceny, $20,000 on the Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, $15,000 on the DUI charge and $647 on the Driving under Suspension citation.