7 Charges Follow Early Morning Arrest

An early morning encounter with a Laurens County Deputy north of Laurens yesterday resulted in seven charges for 24-year-old Jonathan Malachi Barber of 202 Tennessee Walker Drive, Gray Court.

Warrants charging Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon and Receiving Stolen Goods were served later yesterday. In them, Deputy Brandon Howard states that on February 12th Mr. Barber carried a handgun about his person, not being authorized to do so by law and alleges that he received a license plate belonging to someone else, knowing or having reason to know that it was stolen.

Tickets issued by Deputy Howard charged Barber with five additional violations at 1:35 yesterday morning on Fleming Mill Road. These charged Mr. Barber with 2nd Offense Driving under Suspicion and with Driving under the Influence. He’s also accused of Improper start of a vehicle, Transporting Liquor with a Broken Seal and an Uninsured Vehicle Violation.

Jonathan Malachi Barber remained in custody this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $7,216.