31 Grams of Meth, 37 Firearms

31 grams of methamphetamine and 37 firearms were reportedly discovered with execution of a search warrant by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office this week. As a result, Deputies arrested 36-year-old Shane Frick Taylor of 21024 Highway 76 East, Laurens on Wednesday. Yesterday, he was served with nine warrants.

Four drug charges include Trafficking in Meth, two warrants charge Possession of a Controlled Substance and one charges Simple Possession of Marijuana. Each is listed as a 3rd or subsequent offense.

Weapons charges served were Possession of a Weapon During a Crime and Possession of a Weapon by a Person Convicted of a Violent Crime. Taylor was also served with three warrants alleging he Received Stolen Goods. All warrants cite the investigation of Investigator Nations.

On March 7th Taylor was allegedly found to be in possession of approximately 31 grams of methamphetamine. Warrants state he has prior narcotics-related convictions. He also allegedly was found in possession of Alprazolam along with Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone and 28 ounces or less of marijuana.

Shane Taylor was also allegedly found in possession of 37 firearms, during the commission of the violent crime of Trafficking in Methamphetamine. One warrant states he is not allowed to possess a firearm or ammunition because of having been previously convicted of a violent felony.

The Receiving Stolen Goods warrants state that on March 7th Taylor was found to be in possessions of a Mossberg Rifle that had been stolen from one victim and a Hi-Point 9mm firearm stolen from another victim.

Shane Frick Taylor was being held overnight, awaiting arraignment on the nine charges.