Assault, 3 Kidnapping Charges

A 1st Degree Assault on one person and Kidnapping three people yesterday was alleged with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Sunday arrest of 40-year-old Michael LeQuincy Walker of 1133 Cheeks’ Circle, Gray Court. A warrant charging him with 1st Degree Assault and Battery states that he assaulted a victim at a Cheeks Circle residence Sunday by holding a kitchen knife on her and threatening bodily harm, while having present ability to accomplish that.

Mr. Walker is also accused of preventing this victim from leaving the residence on Cheeks Circle yesterday, preventing her from fleeing and from contacting law enforcement. He is also accused of unlawfully confining two others in the residence, juveniles, and preventing them from leaving or contacting law enforcement by taking all cell phones and disconnecting the house phone. A 5th warrant alleging Possession of a Weapon in a Violent Crime accuses him of possessing and displaying what appeared to be a knife during the commission of a 1st Degree Assault and three Kidnappings on Sunday.

Michael LeQuincy Walker remained in custody overnight, awaiting a bond hearing on his charges.