Fishing a Team Sport at PC

The sport of Fishing is now becoming a part of the offerings at Presbyterian College. PC has formed a new Bass Fishing team. Senior Anastasia Patterson said, “Nothing beats doing what you love, especially when you’re surrounded by so many like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you.”  That’s exactly what Patterson and several other students have found with the college’s new bass fishing team. PC students find like-minded individuals in more than 60 clubs and organizations on campus.

It all started when Matthew Rhodes, a junior business administration major, transferred from Clemson to PC. He had been on the bass fishing team there and wanted to keep fishing in college tournaments through PC. The college didn’t have a team at the time, but Rhodes changed that.

“He contacted the appropriate people and raised enough interest to get the ball rolling,” said senior Thomas Broome. “It is due to his initiative that we have a fishing team.”

Broome, Patterson, and Rhodes are three of several Blue Hose competitive anglers. They pair up and compete against other colleges in tournaments throughout the school year, hosted on weekends on lakes in the region and across the country.

PC also has new club sports for students interested in archery and tennis.