National Public Schools Week

Laurens County School District 55 has announced it’s joining with national education groups in celebrating Public Schools Week, starting yesterday, March 12th and running through Friday, the 16th of March. The week is to celebrate achievements public schools are making in the United States and the critical roles they play in developing future generations of successful students.

As part of Public Schools Week, 50 national organizations are to jointly introduce a statement in support of public education this Thursday, to promote the positive impact public schools have on our nation’s young people and the communities in which they live. To maintain this momentum, Members of Congress supporting this movement will share success stories about the schools and students from their respective districts. District 55 Superintendent Dr. Stephen Peters said, “We believe in public education and its role in securing the future of our community and our great nation.” He added, “Without public schools, most Americans would not have had the opportunities for success that have helped them fulfill their American dream.”

Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director of the American Superintendents Association, said, “Communities are stronger, and schools are better when we work in unison to support them and the axis of that support is public education. There is no better time than now to speak out about the outstanding contributions made by our public schools. With the mounting changes in the education landscape, Public Schools Week creates a platform for Americans to express their feelings toward public school systems and why their success is a key determinant when it comes to our country’s future.”