Toddler Neglect Alleged

Neglect of two toddlers in Laurens was alleged with warrants served by Laurens Police Friday. 41-year-old Sabra Hope Owens of 6-B, 309 Exchange Drive, Laurens had been arrested Thursday, and was charged with two counts, Unlawful Neglect of Children and with Resisting Arrest.

Warrants citing an investigation by Lt. Martin state that Ms. Owens had assumed the role of primary caregiver of two small, toddler children while their mother was incarcerated, as she is their normal baby-sitter. She is accused of not providing proper adult supervision for the children Thursday as they were allegedly allowed to remain outside for prolonged periods of time, having allegedly been observed outside, barely clothed and covered in human excrement while the defendant was in an extremely intoxicated state within her home at 309 Exchange Drive.

During arraignment, cash or surety bonds on the three charges were set totaling $21,000. Sabra Hope Owens remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.