Woman Sues Sheriff’s Office for Her Wreck

A Civil Suit from a 2013 wreck began yesterday in Laurens County’s Hillcrest Square, under Circuit Court Judge Don Hocker. Martha Watts, 91, of Clinton is claiming negligence on the part of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office for a wreck she was involved in some 4 ½ years ago.

Ms. Watts is claiming that a Deputy’s failing to have his blue lights on while stopped to investigate an accident, prevented her from seeing vehicles stopped in the road. The traffic accident reportedly occurred around 11:00 pm the night of August 15th, 2013 on US Highway 76 East, Laurens near the Laurens Community Center.

For the Plaintiff, Attorney James Bryan gave an opening argument to the jury, indicating that Ms. Watts was leaving the Laurens Community Center, where she had been playing bingo, and was traveling towards Clinton in the left lane, when she came upon an accident. He indicated the vehicles involved were in the road and did not have any lights on, so Ms. Watt was unable to see them and then became the third vehicle in that accident.

For the defense, Attorney Rusty Carter, working with the County Attorney on the case, claimed in his opening argument that the lights were on, and that Ms. Watts could have easily avoided contact with the accident.

When the trial continues today, witnesses are to be called by both sides. One witness is to be Sgt. Barton Holmes of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, who responded to the accident before Ms. Watts came on the scene. The testimony of Sgt. Holmes will be shown as a video deposition because he is at Fort. Benning Georgia for assignment with the U.S. Army Special Forces, so could not be available in person.