Audit Approved, Wholesale Water Rate Hike

The Laurens Commission of Public Works formally approved results of their 2017 audit last night and also made adjustments in one category of its rate structure, based on last year’s costs.

The Commissioners voted unanimously to approve their 2017 Audit, which was presented at the April meeting by Larry Finney of Greene, Finney, and Horton.

The summation of the report was that the CPW was in good financial condition at the end of the year. They received an unmodified opinion on the financial statements, and their total net position was $22.2 million, which was an increase of $1.2 million from the year before.

The Laurens CPW also voted unanimously to increase the wholesale rate of water sold to the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission. A fact sheet presented to commissioners before the vote stated the current rate has been in place since July 1st of 2011.  Calculations for the new rates are based on the CPW agreement with the LCWSC using the audited financials for 2017. This results in an increase in the cost of the first 600,000 gallons of water a day from the current rate of $1.58 to $1.66. In presenting the new rate structure, General Manager John Young said, “We probably should have done this a couple years ago.” The new rate for selling water to the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission goes into effect on July 1st of this year.