New Information Tool for Industrial Development

Current information that can help companies select sites for new industrial plants was demonstrated yesterday for the Laurens County Development Corporation. James Chavis of the South Carolina Power Team explained to the LCDC Board how information gathered from industry, education and employees across the state can be accessed. He showed information about people living within a 45-minute commute of the new Connexial Center and Clinton’s I-26 Park.

Chavis pointed out that the electric cooperatives across the state helped create the Power Team, a 501-C-3 non-profit company, to help develop infrastructure in less urbanized areas of South Carolina, served by the coops.

James Chavis noted that the South Carolina Power Team has three major industrial development projects across the state. One is the new “Connexial Center,” announced a few weeks ago for the frontage road along I-385 off Friendship Church Road. The Conexial Center is basically across I-385 from the Owings Industrial Park. The South Carolina Power Team contributed $3.5 million for developing roadways and utility infrastructure in the industrial park. Laurens Electric Cooperative added another $3.5 million. The Laurens County Development Corporation accessed funds collected from existing industries to contribute $1 million for the new park.