30th Annual District 55 Employee Awards Dinner

The 30th Annual School District 55 Employee Recognition Dinner was held in the Ridge last night, celebrating the theme “Creating a New Norm.”

Director of Administrative Services Ed Murry recognized District 55 Employees reading significant milestones as district employees. There included18 recognized for 20 years of service, 7 for 25 years and another 7 employees were thanked for 30 years of service. All received awards and special thanks from Superintendent Stephen Peters.

The School District 55 Teacher of the Year announced last night is Jimmy Huff. The individual school Teachers of the Year are Jennifer Wilson from E.B. Morse Elementary, Jessica Braswell from Ford Elementary, Michelle Spires of Gray Court – Owings School, Marlena Ko of Hickory Tavern, Jimmy Huff from LDHS, Ashley Jenkins of Laurens Elementary, Chelsea Bradshaw of Laurens Middle, Willie Bryson of the Preparatory Academy, Margaret Ward of Sanders Middle and Lakesha Austin of Waterloo Elementary.

13 people were chosen for Support Staff awards for the school year. The District winner was Anna Coleman of Sanders Middle School. 25 retiring employees were also thanked for their years of service to School District 55.

25-year Employees honored included 6 from Gray Court-Owings, 6 from LD55HS, 3 from Laurens Middle, 3 from E.B. Morse Elementary and one each from Laurens Elementary, Ford, Hickory Tavern, Sanders Middle, Adult Education, District Office Maintenance and the Academy.