Primaries Tomorrow Starting at 7:00 AM

After weeks of campaigning, it’s almost time to find out what the voters think about their choices in the 2018 Primaries, to be held tomorrow.

The Laurens County Elections Commission joined with the State Elections Commission in reminding voters about who can vote in a primary.

Unlike some states, South Carolina does not register voters by party. Therefore, the statewide primaries are open to all South Carolina Registered voters. Poll managers will ask voters, “In which party’s primary do you wish to vote today?”

Note, while you may select which primary you want to vote in tomorrow, you can only select one. State law prohibits voters from voting in more than one party’s primary on the same day.

Some voters have asked if, after voting in one party’s primary, can they vote in another party’s runoff? The answer is no. The Election Commission notes that a runoff is a continuation of the primary. If you voted in a party’s primary, you can vote only in the runoff of the same party.

But what if you didn’t vote in either party’s primary? Then, the Elections Commission states, you have the option of voting in either party’s runoff.

While the primaries are set for tomorrow, some voters have already cast their vote by absentee ballot. Note that the final deadline for absentee voters who want to vote in the Elections Office is 5:00 this afternoon.

Voting places around Laurens County will be open tomorrow from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm for primary-day voting.