Back in the Top Ten Deadliest

After an unusually high number of traffic fatalities last year, Laurens County was doing much better in the early part of 2018. Lately, however, our highway deaths are mounting.

Yesterday’s weekly report from South Carolina Public Safety Department indicates Laurens County is now one of the top ten deadliest counties for traffic. The report announced a preliminary count of eight persons killed on state roadways this past weekend. As of midnight Sunday, 423 people have died on South Carolina highways, which is a state-wide improvement from 465 highway deaths during the same time period in 2017. Of the 465 traffic fatalities, 301 were motor vehicle occupants. 152 of those were not wearing seat belts. The traffic deaths through June 10th include 62 pedestrians, slightly up from 60 at this point of 2017. 42 motorcyclists have died, down from 48 on this date last year. 7 bicyclists have died on state highways, compared to eight in 2017.

Last weekend’s 8 fatalities across South Carolina included the tragic death of a 31-year-old Cross Hill woman at 1:38 Saturday morning. This brought Laurens County’s traffic death toll for 2018 to 16 people. That’s only 3 fatalities short of last years’ exceedingly high 19 as of June 10th, and it’s over triple the 5 fatalities for this point of 2016 here in Laurens County. Greenwood only has 8 deaths to date and Union County has no fatalities yet for 2018.

Lexington County has the highest number of traffic fatalities as of midnight Sunday night, with 48 deaths. Spartanburg County was next with 33, Greenville County was 3rd highest with 28. Then Charleston with 27 and Horry County had the 5th highest county with 26. Anderson and Richland Counties each have 21, Orangeburg is next with 18, Florence has 17 and Laurens County is back in the 10th highest position with 16 fatalities thru midnight Sunday night.