Carroll Wins County Council District 05

The unofficial tally of votes for the District 5 seat on Laurens County Council gave a win to Jeffrey Carroll. He led the three-way race with 50.47% of votes cast, or 486 total votes. Incumbent Keith Tollison was 2nd with 284 votes, or 29.49% and Dale Mitchel came in 3rd with 193 votes, or 20.04% of the vote. If no significant shift occurs in the canvas Thursday morning, Carroll will be the party nominee and the only candidate for the General Election this November.

County Councilman Keith Tollison issued a statement overnight regarding the results of yesterday’s vote. He said, “Congratulations to Jeffery Carroll for winning the County Council Seat for District 5. We think the residents of District 5 made a good choice. We want our supporters to fully stand behind him as we move Laurens County forward. I have enjoyed serving Laurens County and the residents of District 5. I would like to thank my family and constituents for their support in these many years of service.”