Laurens County Mirrors State Governor & Congressional Vote

Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Catherine Templeton offered her concession last night as unofficial results came in from across the state. In two weeks, the GOP primary runoff will be between incumbent Henry McMaster, who led the statewide vote, and businessman John Warren. Laurens County’s vote was similar, with McMaster getting 2,440 votes and Warren receiving 1,808.

No runoff will be needed for the Democrats to select a candidate for Governor. James Smith won yesterday with 136,810 votes, giving him 62.29% of the vote in the three-way race. Smith also won Laurens County with 1125 votes, with both his opponents together receiving 787 here.

Voters across the 3rd Congressional District approved Mary Geren as the Democratic Candidate to face incumbent Jeff Duncan this November. She received 11,683 votes, or 70.81% of the vote, in defeating Hosea Cleveland. Ms. Geren also carried Laurens County, where the vote was 1,122 to 716.