Newberry Inmates Coming to Laurens County

Laurens County Council members were updated last evening about an agreement between the Laurens County Detention Center and the Newberry County Detention Center. It calls for Laurens County’s center to house Newberry County inmates while renovations are underway at the Newberry facility over the next year. The agreement reportedly states that Laurens County will house Newberry County detainees for a period beginning about July 9th of 2018 and lasting until June 30th, 2019, or the completion of the Newberry renovations, whichever comes first.

A memorandum of understanding for detention housing services was submitted to council. It includes a $25.00 fee per inmate per day to cover provision of some services and the costs of facility use, including food and laundry.

Medical services for all inmates will continue under current contracted terms through Southern Health Partners, who provide services for both facilities.

Sheriff Don Reynolds told County Council last evening that this arrangement will be of a financial plus for his department and should help to finance the detention center’s new kitchen.