Better Not Wait Any Longer to Stop the Leak

Problems with the roof over the original portion of Laurens County’s Hillcrest Square Services and Court building came back before County Council this week. The urgent matter was a last-minute addition to the agenda of Tuesday night’s meeting. Public Works Director Robert Russian reported a major leak has developed and is threatening paper documents stored in the area under the roof.

The roof repair has been under discussion in recent months, with a goal of coordinating the replacement of HVAC units on the roof, before putting the new roof on.

There was much debate as to the urgency of the roof repair, due to the impending damage of paper documents used by the offices under the damaged roof and concern about potential damage to the new roof by later installation of the new HVAC units. Council then went ahead and voted unanimously to repair the roof as soon as possible, then take the chance of damage from installing the new HVAC units. Director Russian told council that he felt that, considering the way the units are installed on the roof, “They should be ok.”