Two Women Face Forgery Charges

Two women were booked into the Laurens County Detention Center Tuesday charged with meth possession and forgery. The warrants allege that both women did knowingly and unlawfully pass a forged document, a check, with the intent to deprive the victim handee mart.  The forged check was in the amount of $375.24 this offence occurred within the city limits of fountain inn in the county of laurens. A further warrant alleges both did knowingly and unlawfully possess .3 grams of a white crystal like substance which filed tested positive for meth.

41 year old Velvet May Tucker of 17 Windover Ln. Fountain Inn was booked Tuesday into the Laurens County Detention Center charged with possession of meth and forgery and remains in the detention center on $12,500.00 bond







Melissa Anne Koon Sergent age 39 of 255 Grace Street Greenwood was booked Tuesday charged with possession of more than one drivers license, giving false information to law enforcement and forgery. Her forgery warrant alleges the same as Velvet May Tucker. She was ticketed for possesing more than one drivers license and giving false information to police. Melissa Anne Koon Sergent remains in the detention center on $18,762.50 bond.