Frustration About Martha Dendy Development

Concern about a delay in developing the former Martha Dendy School property for public use was expressed last evening at the July meeting of Clinton City Council. Clinton resident Ricky Martin addressed council on his concerns about the former Martha Dendy School, saying “It ain’t on the right side of town for nobody to care nothing about it.”

Mr. Martin further expressed his frustrations about the lack of progress on the Martha Dendy project by telling council that that kids can’t be held responsible when no one is doing anything for them. He said he has talked with everyone he knows to talk with, he’s presented a petition with between 600 and 700 names on it, but the only work that has been done on the site was to fill in and cover up the pool. He told council he wanted to hear about building up and not tearing down.

As he concluded his remarks, Clinton City Manager Bill Ed Cannon addressed Mr. Martin and asked for time. He explained that he’s only been here for six months and he’s old and maybe moves too slow, but there was work underway. Cannon spoke of a committee that was working within the community to decide on a purpose for the Martha Dendy building. He promised Ricky Martin that he will be notified of the next meeting of that committee. Mr. Cannon assured him that work would proceed and that he, as well as the city, are committed to using the Martha Dendy property in a positive way.