Throwing Crack as He Fled Cops

A man who reportedly fled from police one week ago received drug and other charges yesterday. Laurens City Police charged 35-year-old Daryl Leroy Shands of 1300 South Harper Street, Laurens with Possession with Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine, 3rd or Subsequent Offense as well as Destruction of Physical Evidence. He was also charged with Resisting Arrest and Transporting Liquor in a Vehicle.

In warrants, Officer Van Pelt states that on July 3rd Mr. Shands was in possession of 2.27 grams of crack cocaine, and that his criminal record indicates this is his third or subsequent offense regarding distribution of cocaine. The possession was reportedly discovered during a lawful traffic stop on South Harper Extension last Tuesday. Officer Van Pelt further states that Daryl Shands resisted arrest by fleeing on foot from Laurens Police Officers following a traffic stop on South Harper Street Extension, where he was a passenger in the vehicle. Van Pelt states that Daryl Leroy Shands threw 2.27 grams of crack cocaine from his person while he was fleeing, on foot, from the Laurens Police Department July 3rd.

Following arraignment on the four charges yesterday, Daryl Leroy Shands was released on cash or surety bonds totaling $26,257.