Replacing Clinton “Right-of-Way’ Truck

Clinton City Manager Bill Ed Cannon asked City Council this week to approve purchase of a 2019 International Truck for use by Clinton’s Right-of-Way Maintenance department. The current truck in use was purchased in 2010. Cannon said this truck has had numerous issues, particularly with emissions equipment, and that it is now beyond repair.

He asked that council approve the purchase of the International as a cab and chassis only, and to allow him to do so without going through the bidding process. The reason for this is that purchasing this exact model would allow the transfer of the dump body along with a 70-foot boom attachment from the 2010 model truck. He noted that purchasing a different truck would significantly increase the total cost for the vehicle.

City Council unanimously approved the purchase as requested, at a cost of $76,587.43.

The truck purchased in 2010, in service for 8 years, replaced a truck that had been in service for 23 years.