Defendant & Mother of Victim Testify in Sex Case

The mother of a girl who was allegedly the victim of sexual conduct testified yesterday during the 3rd day of trail for 31-year-old Michael Eubanks of Clinton. The mother said she and Eubanks argued over the time he spent with her daughter. She said she threatened to install a nanny-cam. When asked by the prosecution how she didn’t know sexual abuse was happening, tears came to her eyes as she said that testimony from an earlier witness on behavioral ramifications in victims of abuse “Described my daughter to a T.”

Defense Attorney Rauch Wise called family and friends of the defendant to be character witnesses. They testified that they had never seen favoritism for the victim from the defendant or any bad behavior that may have been deemed sexual.

There was a slight delay in one witness taking the stand when a juror said she worked with that person. The witness was allowed. The defendant’s parents said they’d heard the victim’s mother saying she knew how to get rid of him. The prosecution questioned the girl’s mom about this and she said they were all just kidding around all the time.

The defendant’s father was another to bring up an accusation that the defendant had $40,000 in a safe and claimed it is missing.

When the defendant took the stand, he said he never was inappropriate with the victim and denied all the allegations from the victim and her family.

The defense questioned Eubanks regarding how there was opportunity for the abuse, due to lack of times they were alone, especially when the victim claimed how frequent the abuse was.

A medical record of the defendant indicating he had erectile disfunction was not allowed to be entered, after the prosecution objected, stating the doctor involved would need to testify on that.

The defendant testified that the victim was acting “provocative,” towards him, and he said that it gave him weird vibes, and he told her to stop that you shouldn’t be doing this. He did admit to an episode that had been brought up earlier this week where he had a sexual reaction that he blamed on the victim for her wiggling on his lap.

On cross examination, prosecutor asked the defendant about all the porn in his possession. He replied that he enjoyed the articles.