Clinton Council Votes to Dissolve Public Safety

A special called meeting of Clinton City Council was held last evening with only one published agenda item, for council to consider an ordinance dissolving the Clinton Department of Public Safety.

After the meeting was called to order by Mayor Bob McLean, City Manager Bill Ed Cannon presented a summary of his findings. He told council that there were varying opinions in the debate over maintaining a separate police and fire department as opposed to a combined public safety department. He quoted from a study produced by the International Association of Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Chiefs which maintained that the public safety model does not work. Mr. Cannon then recommended that council pass the ordinance dissolving the Clinton Department of Public Safety.

Mayor Bob McLean then asked if there was a motion to proceed. Councilman Gary Kuykendall made the motion that council approve the ordinance. That motion was seconded by Councilwoman Robbie Neal. Mayor McLean asked if there was any discussion on the matter before council. There was none and he called for the vote.

The ordinance to dissolve the Clinton Department of Public Safety passed by a unanimous vote on its first reading. The meeting was then quickly adjourned.