Police Chase ’03 Crown Vic with Ammo, Not Brakes

Willie Fred Walker Jr.

Nine warrants were served by Clinton Police yesterday following a Police Chase from the south side of Downtown this Tuesday, where a man reportedly fled from police, making numerous turns in a car with inoperable bakes. 39-year-old Willie Fred Walker Jr. of 108 North Woodrow Street, Clinton was arrested at West Main and Laurens Streets. He has been charged with Driving under the Influence, Hit and Run, Driving under Suspension and 2nd Offense Failure to Stop for Blue Lights. He is also charged with Operating a Mechanically Unsafe Vehicle and Operating without Insurance. Other traffic charges are Open Beer and Failure to Return a Tag. He’s also charged with Possession of Firearms and Ammo by a Convicted Felon. Lt. Cathy Anderson is the prosecuting officer from the Tuesday events.

Warrants state that on September 4th Walker was operating a vehicle, with an open beer, while under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, also driving with his license suspended or revoked and with no insurance on his 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. He is accused of failing to stop the car when signaled by blue lights and siren; instead, making a series of turns and increasing speed to elude officers. This is noted as a 2nd charge of Failure to Stop for Willie Fred Walker Jr. The chase reportedly began in the area of South Broad and Hampton Avenue. Walker also allegedly struck another person’s vehicle, damaging it, and left without providing information to the owner. One warrant states that the brakes on the Crown Vic were not operational.

Walker also allegedly had a black Smith and Wesson .45 caliber handgun that contained eight .45 caliber full metal jacket bullets, as well as three boxes of ammunition. These reportedly included one box of .38 caliber rounds and two boxes of .45 caliber bullets. Possession of a firearm or ammunition is forbidden, due to his conviction for a 2nd Degree Burglary.

Cash or surety bonds were set on the nine charges yesterday, totaling $17,609. Willie Fred Walker Jr. remained in custody this morning.