Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery & Other Charges Alleged

Eric Grod Wicker age 17 of 301 Stonewall Street Clinton was booked into the Laurens County Detention Center Monday by the Clinton Department of Public Safety charged with minor in possession of alcohol, armed robbery, possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime, unlawful carry of a pistol, discharging firearm within city limits, aggravated breach of peace and attempted murder.

Warrants allege that on September 8th Wicker did commit the offence of minor in possession or consumption of alcoholic liquors, did consume a quantity of alcoholic liquors without authority to do so the result being that Wicker was grossly intoxicated in the city limits of Clinton.

A further warrant alleges Wicker did commit the crime of armed robbery by entering Zees Food Store armed with a semi automatic pistol then presented and pointed the deadly weapon at the victim demanding money.

Another warrant alleges that the defendant did take approximately $300 in cash then left the scene with the money.

Further warrants allege that Wicker did visibly present and possess a deadly weapon, that being a semi automatic handgun, during an armed robbery being considered a violent crime.

Did carry upon his person a handgun without permission or authority to do so.

Did discharge a firearm within the city limits of Clinton.

Did commit breach of peace high and aggravated in nature by going armed offensively to the terror of the people. This act was accomplished by Wicker going armed with a handgun into a public place.

And finally, did commit the offence of attempted murder by discharging a firearm at the victim with the intent to kill, this being with malice aforethought during the commission of an armed robbery.

$1000 bond was set for minor in possession of alcohol and discharge of a firearm in city limits. Bond was denied on all other charges. Eric Grod Wicker remains in the detention center to await trial on these charges.