Clinton Man Addresses Clinton City Council About Letter He Refused To Sign

Randy Stevens reported from Monday night’s City of Clinton Council Meeting at the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center that during the time for public comments Mr. Ricky Johnson addressed council.  He brought with him a letter that he said he had been asked to sign.

The letter, which he said had been prepared for him to sign and send “to the newspaper” stated that his neighborhood was a high crime area and that Clinton Department of Public Safety officers wouldn’t even come into the neighborhood.  He said that he refused to sign the letter because “that’s not true”.

Mr. Johnson provided some recent examples of Department of Public Safety officers responding quickly in the neighborhood.  One of those examples involved his own brother who had passed away.  He said that his brother collapsed in his front yard.  He said that he hurried over there and found Department of Public Safety officers with his brother performing CPR.

Mr. Johnson went on to say that the letter thanked Mayor Bob McLean and council members Gary Kuykendall, Robbie Neal, Jimmy Young and Ronnie Roth for recently voting to dissolve the Department of Public Safety and replace it with traditional police and fire departments.  Again he stated that he was asked to affix his signature and deliver the letter “to the newspaper” for publication.  He stated again that he refused to do so, that the premise of the letter was untrue and that he was raised to not tell a lie.  He told the mayor directly that he did not appreciate the letter at all.

Mr. Johnson further stated that he had received a call thanking him for his help in getting the letter published but, he stated again, he refused to participate.

Mayor McLean asked him where the letter came from.  His reply was “Mayor, you know where it came from.”  Mayor McLean pressed him to provide the name of the person who gave him the letter.  Mr. Johnson asked “Do you really want to know who gave it to me?”  Eventually he stated that he had received the letter from Harry Agnew.

Mr. Johnson provided a copy of the letter to City Attorney Allen Wham before he concluded his remarks.