Clinton City Council Decides Not To Purchase New Bucket Truck

At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council one agenda item asked that council consider approving the purchase of new bucket truck for the city’s electric utility division from Altec Industries.  The truck was to cost $212,683.00.  The immediate cost to the city would be a down payment of $80,000.00.

However, when the time came to discuss that item City Manager Bill Ed Cannon told council that it was now his recommendation that the city hold off on the purchase of the truck.  He said that the salaries in that division were “all out of whack”.  He said that trained linemen could work in Laurens for nearly $7 more per hour.  Several have already left and he said that, given the circumstances, he would advise any of them to seek more pay elsewhere.

Therefore, he advised that council not approve the purchase of the new truck because “What use is a new truck if we have no one to operate it?”  He asked, instead, that he be allowed to make repairs to the current truck to make it operational until the 2019/2020 fiscal year.  He said he could use the money that would have gone toward the new truck to address the salary situation in the electric division.

Mayor Bob McLean said that since the agenda called for council’s discussion about the new truck he would have to ask for a motion to make the purchase.  When he did, none of the council members made the motion and the item died for lack of a motion.